Monday, June 06, 2011

Sleeping 美容觉

Good morning my friends,
did you slept well?

as we know,
Exercising and eating healthy are the essentials for optimal health and happiness.
Yes, i think sleeping is more important than exercising and eating healthy in our daily lives.

!! zzZZ

Sleeping consists of different stages.

Stage 1 (Transition to sleep)
This should lasts about five minutes.

Stage 2 (Light sleep)
This is when we fall asleep, slowing our heart beat, stopping our eye movements, and the temperature of our body decreases.

Stage 3 (Deep sleep)
Haha, this is the part when people wake you up you will feel irritated! People will take difficult time to wake you up from sleep.

Stage 4 (Deeper sleep)
Physical energy is restored at this stage when blood flow is directed away from the brain and towards the muscle.

REM sleep (Dream sleep)
We will start dreaming here after sleeping for 70-90mins!

Getting Deep sleep & REM sleep is IMPORTANT

Deep sleep is when the body starts to refresh and restore energy for the next day. If you had enough deep sleep, your health and immune system will be maintained. REM sleep - the stage that makes collects and process the information you had learnt or received in the day. This will definitely strengthen your memory and mood!

Reasons for sleep deprived
Working on shifts, woken up during the night by noises, smoking or drinking in the evening.

  1. sleep at least 8hours every night
  2. sleep only when sleepy
  3. do not take naps, and if you cant sleep within 20minutes go do something until you feel sleepy!!
  4. do not exercise before bedtime
  5. do not drink coffee & tea before sleep
  6. take a hot bath 90minutes before getting to bed.
  7. if you lost the time to sleep, sleep extra hours on the following days
  8. if you lost the time to sleep for a very long period of time, take a break a week or two to go to bed at the same time every night and waking up naturally every morning.
  9. the most important tip - MAKE SLEEPING A PRIORITY!

P.S. sleeping on weekends will not be enough!!

As for Brandy, myself and girls.... !
please remove make up before going to bed! a night of sleep with make up will defeat the purpose of taking care of our skin!
No matter what you and I are doing before getting to bed for sleep,
even if we get drunk or how late in the night, remove our make up before sleeping! and do not be lazy, clean away the make up properly!!

Sleeping is Important, Sleep more, Sleep Well.

Have a Super Wonderful Sunday & Weekend!
Family Day! :)




Discotheque Dudek said...

Wah... Let's go sleep! :D

Anonymous said...

good advise, dear.

Ting said...

sleeping time...good nights