Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aldifitri Wishes

Selamat Hari Raya Aldifitri 2011 
to everyone dari Brandy Akiko dan sekeluarga.

To all my friends & bloggers,
 I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 

Really Grateful to all of U.
 especially my good friends who are always there fore me!
 My beloved Family members & relatives. my Facebook Friends & Fans.
Thanks for the precious time, Love, concern & support that I have received
from each and everyone of you!

School Holiday has started since last Friday. 
One week Holiday!
Balik Kampung ^^

I would like to share some of my feelings from the bottom of my heart ^^

One day, as I was checking my gmail,I was so happy to receive a mail from a Facebook Malay fan who suggested that I take some pixs with a 
Malay Costume to wish everyone during Hari Raya

It was a superb idea and then,I asked myself :, Where am I going to get a Malay Traditional Dress!
I asked my friends around : Does anyone have a nice Malay dress to lend me?

In a very short time, i got this beautiful  Baju Kebaya from a friend's Malay Colleague 
from Singapore! I am deeply thankful to Ms.Nysa & my friend Mr.Bong.

Wow! It goes to show the spirit of Raya and that we can all live in Peace, Harmony and Care 
for one another!  From now on Raya will even be more meaningful to me and I shall always
 treasure this wonderful ,memory in my heart. 
Once again, to all my Muslim friends and fans; 
May Allah dwell in your heart and peace be with you always !

Muslims in Malaysia will celebrate Aidilfitri on Tuesday 30thAug2011.

-Photo taken at Kampong Melayu Senibong, Johor
-Special thanks to Mr.Bong & his Malay colleague, Ms.Nysa for the Baju Kebaya.
-Special thanks to Papework Photography.
-Special thanks to Mohd Haniff Abd, Mr. Anep for his wonderful idea.
-Speacial thanks to Mrs.Fahleha & whole family from Kampung Senibong.

Yeah time to visit my Malay Family ^^

Happy Merdeka Day as well!!

Brandy Akiko


Anonymous said...

It's my first time being here though.
Never know you are a model. lol.
And when you are wearing that Malay's traditional dress, I don't feel anything "Malay"ish. Haha.

Should start to view your blog often, so I could view some nice photos. :P

synchozen said...

hye brandy C..cantiklah gambar u..honestly to say..u look superb gorgeous b-e-a-u-tiful and sweet sangat bila tgk u pakai kebaya tu..thanks for appreciate ur fan's idea =p LoL...speechless when see u in Kebaya..too pretty lah.. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy, I don't know if you would read this or not, but there is something I want to tell you. See the video you shared on the left column? The second one is about you learning ways of massaging yourself from a teacher right? From the video, start from 1:56, which is when you press the part below your right shoulder, during that part, you shouldn't use two fingers to press it, you should put your hand there, then pull it towards your neck, because if you press it like that, the effect will not come out.

Just sharing. :)

Brandy Akiko said...

mindbard! thanks for sharing! okay i will learn more! thank U & come visit often!

Anonymous said...

You are stunning in that Dress....
may U be our proud for the next Pea-gent

Anonymous said...

Do you prefer to be Malaysian Pageant or Japanese ?