Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brandy plays with Sony Camera

(my favorite pic in this series)

One day,
 my friend lend me his old camera- Sony Alpha 100
i just played with the camera in my bed whole night after an event.

how are my edited photos? ^^

Why should we care what others think about yourself?
Life is too short to think about that.
i'd rather to just be myself.

{Cherish every moments, Happy with what you have}
Be Grateful all the time
Appreciate those ppl who comes into your life around coz that calls FATE

Life isn't perfect, find what makes you happy & U do it!

and play >>

You can be upset, sad, innocent or emo sometimes
but not too long!

Thanks Uncle Jeffery (My sister's Former Boss) for the wonderful camera.

all pictures taken by myself
I'm actually learning photography.

You know that?
i wanted to be photographer since i was young!
I hope i can be a model-Photographer one day.


Have a good time guys!


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