Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Bunny Sister- Verna Tan

Happy Birthday to Dear Verna Sis!
My best friend in Spore!

today (12th Juky) is her Big big day!

Sis, i wish you All the Best &
Pretty Pretty,
Happy Happy,
Cutie Cutie

Love U!

I miss travelling with Verna Sis

we went to Tokyo, BKK, My Neighbouthood JB &
of course Singapore as well!
(in fact, i just met her yesterday^^)

Can u see I'm sending my Love to you?? haha =0
our japan trip on March'11

Verna sis is a Popular Stylist in Spore & Msia.


The Middle Gorgeous is Prisicilia who is from Spore as well ^^
(will introduce to you guys nx time, stay tune! ^^ )

Verna Sis's Favorite Kitty Hello ^^

we have so many same hobbies like
our favorite color, food like & dislike..etc.

her favorite color, well of course is PINK **

Feel free to visit Verna Sis's Blog:


Friendship Forever Sis!

Blast & Cheers!

Happy Birthday Dear Sis


1 comment:

Verna said...

OMG!! thks sooooo much my dear bunny sister for making this special blog entry for my bday...feels so love from u :) xoxo muacks