Monday, August 22, 2011

ZooKeeper Movie

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Wanna have a laugh? hahaha
then you should get to watch this show

continuing the apes show, I caught the Movie: Zookeeper!
it was pretty funny & Meaningful!


how will you react if animals really speak human language?
will you get freaked out?
ps: i talked to my pet Aki & hope he will response me afte caught this show >.<

Well,the story is telling us that,
be yourself, dont change yourself because of someone 
or someone you might not actually like..

Love, is not about having a pretty/handsome partner..
Love, is not about finding someone ideal that you want to have..
Love, is not about finding a partner that is successful...

Love is being with someone comfortable, plays with you, disturbs you, support 
you, laugh with you, live with you, and most importantly that loving each 
other endlessly.. without complains and regrets!

we can change, change for the better but not changing into someone we do not wish to be..

the way of confessing, approaching the partner that 
you like may be very different between animals and humans
but we share the same thing in mind, if ever fall in love with someone that you like.. "go for it!" if we fail to try we will never know the future and it will be too late!! alamak!!

be truthful
be yourself
 I certainly enjoyed the show with my brothers.

the running time of the show is about 1hr45mins.
Don't miss it!


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ayoyohan said...

Haha you make a comedy movie seem so meaningful :D

Brandy Akiko said...

Ayoyohan! haha that's was funny har? u watched yet?