Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brandy Akiko on Japan Earthquake

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It had been 2 months since the twin disaster struck Japan on March 11th. I would like to share to you a very good video that educates us how the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami has happened 2 months ago.

It is known that Tarou, Japan the town that had surrounded itself with a 10-meter wall has also been wiped out for the third time in Japan History by the devastating earthquake of magnitude 9.1 to trigger a huge 14-meter wall of tsunami waves rushing towards the heart of Japan.

Japan is a disaster prone country, prone to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and etc. Japanese people are always having all sorts of drills and trainings from the personnel involved to the common people. These drills include the evacuation of people, operating of backup plans, and also after the disaster, the recovery plans.

The QUESTION is WHY did Japan suffer such a high casualty rate?
It is not because of the Nuclear Plant that was malfunctioning. SO WHY?
I feel that even such a high-technology country like Japan cannot truely minimize the impact of such a disaster. It is known to the people that a huge earthquake could also enable tsunami. With the earthquake detectors that detected the earthquake, it immediately sent alerts to the people all over Japan for evacuation. But, do the people have enough time to react to the tsunami travelling at 800km/h?? The answer is no, this explains to the massive death toll of the Japan Earthquake.

What is worst about the Twin Disaster that struck Japan 2months ago?
It was the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was shook by the Earthquake and its reactors are automatically shut down, which means that the Power Plants now are facing a partial meltdown. Explosions and leakage of radiation are also seen on the news. What exactly happened? Why did the backup plans did not work? Do they revise and check their plans whether or not does it work? Although the Nuclear Power Plant is now under restore and recovery,  I felt that it is still dangerous as of yesterday a worker at the Nuclear Power Plant had died (but the death cause was unknown). It could be because of radiation that causes another type of disease. Perhaps the checking of all Nuclear Plants should be much thorough and contingency plans should be tested and must be in the state of ready.

What should we learn from the Japan disaster?
The people is calm, they helped one and another. They love their country.

What I experience from the earthquake is that people are united and they helped one and another (including foreigners working/travelling here!!). I was terrified by the earthquake that shook my apartment at Tokyo 2 months ago, lucky that my colleague was with me and I followed her on the evacuation. I evacuated to her house which was kilometres away from Tokyo city, I spent few weeks there and her family helped me alot. I had a great time there.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone that cared for me during this disaster! and for the families of the casualties, stay strong!!

Pray for Japan,
Brandy Akiko


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