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上原美優 Japanese Idol

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It's public holiday here today so I am going to write about one of my favourite idol 上原美優 (Miyu Uehara)

She was a Japanese television personality and gravure idol. Uehara was born in Kagoshima and attended high school at Kagoshima. Though Uehara did not complete her high school at Kagoshima, she managed to work and earn her own money after travelling to Tokyo at age of 17.
She began to do glamour modelling while working as a hostess at one of the clubs in Tokyo. Because of glamour modelling works in Tokyo, Uehara was able to gain popularity due to her poor background. Uehara had a a title of 'poverty idol' - because she was poor. After numerous glamour modelling, Uehara was featured in 'Weekly Playboy Magazine' in Japan. This in return gave Uehara a opportunity to release a photobook in July 2009. (Perhaps after being identified by other agents/companies.)
She also gained fame as a gravure idol in Japan which enables her to appear in numerous television programs by May 2011. She appeared on 445 television programs and 2 television commercials to date.

On 12th of May 2011, Miyu Uehara was found unconscious in her apartment in Meguro, Tokyo. She was announced dead after being rushed to the Hospital. This may be because of the relationships problem that Uehara was not able to find true love.

This is a blog entry found on Miyu Uehara blog, 2 days before her death.

"I hated the sky today. In reality, I can't "do" love. I used to always be in a relationship, but I'm losing my understanding of how to love or to have a romance."

click here for a good site to Miyu Uehara's modelling works

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