Friday, May 27, 2011

Thailand Durians

The texture of the the Thai Durians are harder than of Malaysia's. It doesn't taste as well as Malaysia's Durians. The Durians in Thai are slightly larger than Malaysia's.
Durians can be found everywhere here in Thailand.. It's good !!  Yeah!
I went to Siam Paragon and tried Durians..

Even so, the durians still taste good here in Thai! 

Durians are the king of the fruits. Durians are largely grown in South-east Asia. I have great love and liking for the durians.. 

 These Durians is called 'Gold finger Durians' in chinese language.

Durian Baby Brandy =P

Although durians is tasty for a durian lover like me, we shouldn't take too much of them as it is very heaty and can make a person fall sick if consume too much.

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