Monday, May 23, 2011

Amanda & Jerry's Wedding

Yesterday was my friends wedding - Amanda & Jerry.
I was there to attend the wonderful occasion as their bridesmaid!! The theme of the wedding was blue!

Jerry said alot during the tea ceremony. Many of us as sisters and bridesmaid were touched. We all cried after hearing the words from  him.....
One of the few things that Jerry said was that "His life was black and white until and after they met each other."

he also added that "My life became so colorful and beautiful after he knew Amanda."

Amanda & Jerry has been together for 4 years and yesterday they make the most important decision to tie the knot.

They had known each other since Primary School. And what's amazing is that they were in the same Primary School, Secondary School, and even University! Walao.. so sweet!! ;)

I sincerely wish & hope that the newly wed couple to have a blissful marriage. Blessed with children and grandchildren! Hold hand-in-hand happy together until they are old...

the most important thing is!!......
hahaha... (*^_^*)

I got the wedding flower-ball !!

I am getting married!!... (^o^)/~~~

Lastly, hope they sweet sweet together.. :)

Brandy Akiko

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