Friday, June 24, 2011

Static-resistant comb

Good Morning 

what comb do you use?

I use this comb everyday as 
it can remove static electricity from my hair..

in the past, 
I have always used the plastic combs as it is easy to use and saves time.. 

Are you wondering why our hair can develop static electricity too?

1. Plastic combs develop static electricity
 when used to comb

2. Nylon/Polyester hats develop static 
electricity when/after wearing

When I was in Japan, 

my manager told me that haircare is very important!

Plastic combs will make a mess out of your hair...

She also gave me a comb like that (*^_^*)

it is important to use conditioner after every shampoo..

blow your hair dry with a ionic hair dryer..

of course get a static-resistant comb! 

wow!! static-resistant!! hahaha

I used it everyday =)

How is the condition of my hair??

Have a nice day
it's mid-week!


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Andy Lim said...

Halo.. Staff here :D