Saturday, June 11, 2011

Movie From Prada to Nada

Today I caught a movie on the plane..
(From Prada to Nada)

It was a story about two sisters who their father died suddenly
not leaving any money except a huge sum of debts behind for them...

The two sisters was spoiled to the extent that
they do not know how to prepare a proper meal for themselves..

They had no choice but to live with their aunt in East LA.

From then, their new life begins..
they won't be driving posh cars and wear expensive clothings...

Sister Nora will be going to work in the company
which she met the love of her life, Edward..

Sister Mary had also learnt from her lesson
also eventually found someone that is true and sweet to her, Juanito..

The story of this movie is Romantic, sweet, and a movie that I find very touching!

have a good night guys, watch the movie when you are free!

Brandy Akiko

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