Thursday, July 28, 2011

My condolences: Norway shooting Spree

As we all know that on 22 July 2011,
there was a series of terrorists attacks in Norway killing 76 people in total and many several others seriously injured..

There were two attacks, and reports had revealed that both of the attacks was planned as early as in the year of 2009.

The first attack was taken place somewhere in Oslo, Norway.
It was a car explosion that killed 8people and a estimated number of 10 seriously injured civilians.
The attack was targeted towards both the Government and Civilians.
The second attack was taken place in Utoya, Norway after 1.5 hours later.
The terrorists Berivik deceived the people in the summer c
amp that he was there to do a routine check as he was dressed as a policeman.
At some point that time whereby the people gathered, he took out his weapons and started firing and killing the people there.
68 people was killed.
He was then captured in the summer camp when the police arrived.

How was the terrorist able to purchase such deadly weapons?

He had a license for shooting such weapons,
thus he was able to purchase that legally.
He did tried to purchase such weapons illegally..
but failed to do so.

I feel sad when I get to know the news about Norway!

Life is precious,
don't throw it away
don't waste it away

Life can be wonderful,
do not destroy it, but appreciate it and enjoy it

Life can be difficult,
do not complain about it, instead do something about it..

It is fortunate to be alive,
living, breathing, and moving,
do something you love, love your love ones,

and live everyday as if it is your last day..
you can never know what will happen next,

no matter what we do,
be true, be honest, be kind,
and enjoy every moment of the time in our lives...

I am very grateful for everything I had in this World!

For the families of the people who lost their lives in this attack,
you have my deepest condolences
and I pray for you and the people who lost their lives.

Peace and Love,


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