Monday, August 08, 2011

Sweet Kitchen Equipment

How do you like my Kitchen?

Yeah this is my Kitchen Equipment in
Tokyo house!

Good day my blog readers,
here i am sharing some of my kitchen equipment photos.
All these i bought & using in Tokyo.

i loved online shopping.
Therefore, i love the feeling the postmen delivery the staff to my 12th floor mansion ^^

The Roses Tea Cup- The very first thing that i bought!
i love it! i love the sweet roses design !
You know girls,
once i love it, i wanted to get the whole set! ^^

Roses POT! cost 3160Yen (RM120+-)

I hate myself being so Addicted.....!!!

my Tupperware^^

Even the ingredients,
i bought online as well

Ginseng Chicken^^

With this sweet Equipment,
i rather to stayed home and cook ^^
(btw the expenses in Tokyo is really really high)

(the breakfast i usually made)

In Japan, Shopping online is really commen.

you can find everything here:

(my favorite shopping website in Japan)

Get ready the ingredients and..

time to cook!

see You again friends.
Enjoy your day!



Anonymous said... seems you like cooking..(^_^)

Stay cool and take care as always..

Eustace --an Adoring Fan

vonvon said...
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vonvon said...

One of a Tupperware at my house..^.^ hehe

sandhiya said...

So pretty and some really great ideas!!! I love the platter the best, as I have a thing for platters! :)
Thanks for sharing!
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Cookware said...

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