Friday, August 12, 2011

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

 Movie Genre: Action / Adventure / Science Fiction

Good evening the blog readers!
Have you watched it yet?

I watched it last night with my sister & brothers, oh we love it!

The casts for the movie:

James Franco! Yeah!
<Spider Man>'s actor!

Yes she is! Actress of Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto!  
Wow wow! 

I like this scene.
No matter how fierce and strong it can be... 
he still have someone to rely to.
A human being!! who had been taking care of him..

Sob sob touching......

Caesar is Home.
All of us have a home, animals are of no exception..
when we get lost, afraid, tired, or ... we will always find our way home.
Caesar found his home.. 
and he will never forget that this human being had once raised him up

like a Human har..

when he gone crazy pissed! haha but it's cute

well i should stop here and guys,
please watch it in the weekend! Hope You like the movie.

oh ya the running time of the show is about 1hr45mins.

Enjoy the Movie!
Enjoy the weekend!



Anonymous said...

yup the movie was good...its kinda..leave me hanging in the end..

Thanks for the effort of posting this Dear..


ayoyohan said...
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Brandy Akiko said...

Thanks Eustace & Ayoyohan!!
Surprised Ayoyohan is from Instagram & Eus is from FB! =)

ayoyohan said...
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