Friday, October 21, 2011

Nice smell i love it

i seldom go to the beauty saloon for facial treatment as i always believe that inner care is more important than the daily skin care. One day, my sister asked me to be her model to do a demo.... and i gave it a try!

oh! my! i love the smell so much! it was so nice to smell & i know that there are all 100%Natural & Pure products from Paris.

especially this Brightening Serum sample i got! i love it! <AROMESSENCE White>
it lightens my skin, helps to restore translucency & radiance to the complexion.
anyway i like the essential smell!

Treatments process using these products... DECLEOR, Paris

(that's me tho!) ^^

So Happy to received these samples!  ^^ Thank You!

Here's some tips to share about my inner care every each day:-
1. at least 8 glasses water each day. ( i drink more than 2.5L of water per day sometimes!!)
2. one tomato & 200g of green veges per day ( help improve skin texture and color.).
3. one glass of vinegar per day to lower blood pressure.
4. one cup of yogurt drink after lunch or dinner to protects you from bone loss, improves your digestion & it helps you to fight infectious diseases.
5. Wet or tissue mask every night after shower

Enjoy your beautiful life, the smell & have a good weekend friends! ^^

TIPS in Chinese Version:

My Pleasure to see U again!


ayoyohan said...

love the camera quality

Brandy Akiko said...

Thanks Ayoyo! haha

ayoyohan said...

haha call me Yohan! not ayoyo!

cokroach said...

u looks like mummy!!!