Monday, October 17, 2011

Hoyu Hair Colour

恋爱 Love
时不时自己傻笑 , Correct??

Recently Coloured my hair, abit too Gold ?
I wanna get back to my Black Hair like my super like Idol~~MEGAN FOX.
最近刚染了头发,有点带金。等店里的事情忙好准备开张时再来个Megan Fox 的性感黑长发:

Sexy my Idol- Megan Fox!! Wow!

Here's the colour treatement which i done it by myself at home a week ago.
 Here's the little tidy tools all in one in the nice & sweet Bottle-BeautyLabo by Hoyu 
: powder, base water, after colour care, plastic glove & instruction are privided in the bottle
Colour Code: (Caramel Custard)
following the instruction:
Just Simple! Mix the base water with the powder!
after 30times or above shakes shakes shakes~~
Add it on to your hair & leave it for about 25-30mins, rinse it with warm water, shampoo & conditioner.
And it's Done!
 Remember to use this [after colour care] before u dry your hair. ^^ (for moisture use)

3days after the colouring, Yeepee! ^^

Here's some tips (Chinese Version) which i got from Weibo. 

Hope it's helpful & Be a Pretty Baby with Nice Grow Hair.

Good night.


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