Friday, October 28, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe

Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe just near to the Entrance of USS.

Hard Rock Cafe~a haven for fans of old year bands music, food, and great times to Chill!
i like The classic American food and the pictures of the famous bands in the cafe. Check out authentic memorabilia belonging to legendary musicians and just relax, eat, drink & chill. 

Fish & Chips $26++

This Nachos Oishii! ^^
Fresh corn tortilla chips piled high with Jack & Cheddar cheeses and seasoned pinto beans.



This was incredible! Pork Rib $45+
Yeah Let's Rock!
Operating hours:
Daily: 11:00am - 1:00am
For reservations, kindly call: +65 6795 7454

Dropping by at the Candy Store where is just behide the Hard Rock Cafe.

Yumm Yumm~

 HerShey's Girl

That's a lot of Chocolates!

I love the packaging so so much!
 So romantic design  Sweet

 M&M His Favourite 
 Special Edition_ Emergency Chocolates

 Some of the Sweet Kitchen equipments 
 I love you Chocalates 

We really had tons of fun!
bring your loved one to there, enjoy!


polar_burr said...

wait where was this Hershey store again? I wished there was one in NYC =(

That giant syrup bottle looks amazing...

Corporate events said...

The post is descrying all about Hard Rock café. Good post