Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore ♥

I spend my weekend with friends & my brothers at Universal Studio Singapore over the weekend.
We had lots of fun & had a great time there. 
I ♥ USS t-shirt bought in there.
Thanks guys for everything!

Yo,The pair of dual roller coasters in Red & Blue provide lots of thrills, some said that the red one is more exciting, but what i heard is that the blue one is more adventurous. I've tried both! how about U?


My brothers really had a super Fun time!!
This guy frighten me twice! blek ;>

Happy !

Grand Castle

Welcome to Madagascar! ^^

Cool Cat 

Here is the souvenir shop- BETTY BOOPZ
So many lovely little things i like it! Sweet Sweet ♥

See!! sweet!! love it 


Yeepee i've brought this shiny t-shirt back ;>

Universal Studio Singapore
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway 
Singapore 098269
Ticket Reservation: Tel: (+65) 6577 8899


yong3 said...

the coaster both we play few times, haha. Is there hot weather? Night we go home very tired...


Hazel said...

u took so many photos only upload few of it?i wanna see more..hehe

Brandy Akiko said...

haha Hazel dear Yup i'll upload more & more! =)

Brandy Akiko said...

hi Yong3, hot weather but really had fun!

cokroach said...

haha i been there a year ago, kinda fun... but it is too crowded!! i queue for nearly 2 hours for the mummy ride (i cant rem the correct name of the ride), but that was very fun!!