Friday, October 14, 2011

A rider's test experience

An experience of a rider testee, my friend..:

"Last night I can't fall asleep.. very tired but also very tense and excited about tomorrow morning motorcycle test. I woke up early in the morning to shower and have light breakfast before moving out of the house to the driving centre. My feeling wasn't that bad this morning maybe because that I had received a few good luck messages last night from my friends. 
I reached there early, prepared myself and put on the protective gears while getting ready for the warm up. During the warm up round, the bike that I rode on was in good condition.. everything was well. All of the testees have to wait for like an hour for the test to start, which I felt that to be really stupid.. we all waited in the room which is very cold due to the aircon. After several instructions from the instructor, we were set to take the test. In my mind, I wasn't thinking of anything other than passing the test, I guess that was what everyone else wanted too. 
The first few riders finished their tests and its finally my turn. I rode on the bike and felt weird, I thought that it was just me being nervous. I made a few mistake regarding the signalling at first but I got away with it. And I also did okay with most of the courses in the circuit except for 1 or 2. On the road, everything was fine.. except that the rider in front of me was very slow and I saw her made a few mistake that would cost her to fail. Overall, the test was good and I thought that I will manage a "just pass" for the test due to some mistakes here and there that I made due to being nervous. Here, I waited another 1-2 hour for my test result. 
Feeling was great until the release of test result..  the instructor was calling the numbers for testee who failed their test.. I hoped and hoped that he will not call my number.. but he called my number.. it was the last one on the his list.. of course there was other instructors reading out too. I'm totally disappointed!! I saw the result slip, and I was like What The Hell? I actually made this stupid mistake 4 times? How come I did not notice? As predicted, my courses in the circuit was fine and I did not get any demerit points from the road test too. Most of the demerit points come from the stupid mistake they call it as "wobble"? I did not feel that I was wobbling at all! I think and think over again and I thought that it may be because of the lousy bike the school has or maybe my control wasn't good that time. (school bikes are always in lousy condition). 
I can blame the bike and whatever, but what's done is done. I am sad, I am disappointed about the failure but I will not give up, I will come back again and try to pass the test again. I hope the next time I can share with you about my experience of passing the test!"

In life, we must keep trying.. NEVER EVER GIVE UP.. do our best and have no regrets! We shall always carry our experience with us, make full use of it, never make the same mistakes, and perform at the best of ourselves to achieve whatever we want in life.


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ayoyohan said...

must feel good riding a bike. I'm too scared to try though...

Brandy Akiko said...

thank you Sonix!

Brandy Akiko said...

ayoyohan, me too scared to ride the bike now as i had a bad bike accident experience when i was 15!!~~