Thursday, May 19, 2011

iPhone Application - Instegram

Hi guys!

Weather is still hot here!! Are you feeling hot?? :P

Hey, i think everyone Loves taking Pictures!

Me as well!!
I love taking photos.. it helps me to keep them as memories..
I will look through my photos sometimes... usually it reminds me about that day....

What camera do you use???

I don't own a professional camera lo! But I have a handy camera and iPhone!!
do you know that I use iPhone?? I play iPhone games sometimes when I'm free!! haha

I wanna tell you about instagram!! omg!! it is such a useful application for iPhone... did you follow me on insta????

join me there!!! we can share photos and comments!!
do you love photography? I have seen many beautiful photos on instagram....

if you like instagram and you like my photos... join me and use instagram on iPhone!! =)
oh ya... if you dont have a iPhone.. you can actually view some of my photos on twitter when i shared through instagram..

instagram can also share photos to twitter,facebook, & flickr!

most amazing about this application is that it connects everyone all over the world that is using this application on iPhone!! many beautiful places.. many beautiful photos... join me there now, what are you waiting for?? haha ^^

Good Night my IS, Twitter, FB, and friends =)
sweet dream zZZ

Brandy Akiko


Discotheque Dudek said...

Hello akikokokoko!

Brandy Akiko said...

hello!!!!! how did you find my blog????? hahaha