Sunday, October 23, 2011

Real Steel

Movie Genre: Action / Drama / Science Fiction
Director: Shaw Levy

The Wolverine man stars in this movie! Such a hot guy~! Awesome!

Movie set in the future, starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo.Story is about a young boy who had to spend his summer with his boxer-daddy.
Hugh Jackman acts as Charlie Kenton who had been losing all of his money on robot-boxing and getting his robots all destroyed.. he is a loser and failure in most of his life..... hmmm

Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton
One Night, Charlie took Max out to collect materials for fixing up a robot after getting his newly bought japanese robot(超级恶男) destroyed in a robot-boxing match.. Max discovered a Generation-2 Sparring Robot who he believed had saved his life..
G2 Sparring Robot ATOM 

Atom is a sparring bot that can follow what you do..!! Awesome man! Max believes that there is something inside Atom and that Atom can sees him..

Charlie & Max having some laughs about making ATOM dance
(one of the favourite part)
Max was a smart kid, he took the voice recognition device of the japanese robot and fixed it with the G2 Robot Atom which turned out to be a very useful equipment to use in a robot-boxing match!

Charlie practising boxing with ATOM
While Max does the dancing with ATOM, Charlie had to practise all the boxing he knows with ATOM so as to prepare him for the fight..
After winning some matches and a league match, Max challenged the undefeated champion Zeus.

Charlie speaking to Atom, telling him to follow what he does in the last round of the match..
Atom taunting Zeus to fight
the Final Blow of the match
Did he won the match?! Watch it to find out!

Fight for what you LOVE & at your BEST, Fight with CONFIDENCE & SMARTLY!
In order to achieve that, you need to build your CONFIDENCE, STRENGTHS, WORK on your weaknesses, THINK and PLAN before you make a move.
BELIEVE that you can achieve greatness, NEVER GIVE UP.. and lastly, FIGHT EVERY FIGHT AS IF IT WAS YOUR LAST FIGHT.. LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST!
Hang on there and you will taste SUCCESS when the time comes!

This was Fantastic! Watch this & you will know what am i writing ^^
Sweet Sunday to U.


ayoyohan said...

I was gonna watch this last weekend but I saw 50/50 instead. Good movie. Hugh Jackman.. I need to workout.. T_T

RF Lias said...

yeah..agree with u dear!! real steel is the best movie in 2011 n one of the best i've been watched in cinema!!!

cokroach said...

defintely one of the best mv in 2011, it comparable to the rising of planet of apes, but personally i prefer real steel more....